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In Building Foundation First, we help you discover your passion, purpose, and mission so that you can discover who you are and start impacting the lives that matter to you!



But you can message Riley to join the waitlist and stay in the loop and be the first to know when it reopens!

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The Building Foundation First (BFF) program is a 2-day program designed to guide individuals in:

“Until you start to figure out who you’re speaking to, none of your messaging will work.”

Now, who are we speaking to?

  • Employees stuck at their 9-5 jobs

  • Those who are lost in life, lonely, tired at work

  • Those who want to travel and love the nomadic journey

  • Afraid of taking risks

  • Don’t have enough leaves

  • Uncertain about other opportunities other than investing, property, etc.

  • Not familar with Rich Dad Poor Dad

and because of Building Foundation First, the vision for our friends is they will be able to do great work like being a lighthouse for others—they decide they want to blossom.

The program encourages individuals to work with people they enjoy being with, in order to provide massive value and to understand their prospect's needs and desires.

After attending the BFF program, participants will be filled with emotional certainty and a clear vision for their future. 

They will feel confident in their ability to discover and explore their passions, uncover their hidden genius, and provide massive value to others. 

Individuals will have the tools and knowledge to make selling their services feel effortless, and they’ll be empowered to play a bigger game and not settle for less. 

With the support of the BFF community, they’ll be able to build a life that feeds their soul and fulfills their deepest desires.

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