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Master the five critical areas that will catapult you into becoming recognized as a true agent of change wherever you go.

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november 3-4, 2023


Unleashing Your Potential

How to master the five critical areas that will catapult you into becoming recognized as a true agent of change wherever you go

Crafting Impactful Programs

The simple template for designing ANY program whether its 10 minutes or 2 days long.

Captivating Audiences

You will learn and practice the steps to delivering a powerful presentation to any crowd, online or offline so that they trust, love, and respect you within minutes.

Unlocking the Power of Accelerated Learning

The amazing application of accelerated learning strategies that allows participants to absorb, learn, and retain up to 80% more than traditional training.

Building Momentum

How to make that energy and connection stronger with each passing moment.

Unveiling the Magic

The secret steps to creating that magic regardless of the topic you teach.


The Powerful Sales Presentations (PSP) program is a bonus training that comes with the Trainer Mastery Program. PSP offers comprehensive instruction on proven techniques that are often overlooked by entrepreneurs and business owners. Many speakers struggle to engage their audience effectively, let alone convert them into customers.

This program aims to address these challenges by equipping you with the skills necessary to captivate your audience, whether through virtual presentations, face-to-face interactions, or phone conversations.

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I've heard of T Harv Ekar's TTT program. What's the difference of it from Blair Singer's TMP + PSP? 

How does the training on delivering introductions differ between TTT and TMP + PSP?

What sets the training on selling apart between TTT and TMP + PSP?

Are there curriculum elements unique to TMP + PSP that are absent in TTT?

What's the distinction in certification between TTT and BSTA Gold Level Certification from TMP + PSP?

What's the summarization of the differences between TTT and TMP + PSP?

 I still have some questions. Where should I reach out?

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